Friday, 25 March 2011

My Trully Friends, d'Phoenix

how could I forgot to write about them????

meet my friends, d'Phoenix. we call ourself like that according to Harry Potter. Yes, we LOOOOOVE Harry Potter. Harry Potter connected us for years to years.

We met at Harry Potter's chat room at Mig33, chatting application. Most of us were in a same age but some of us are younger and older. But it doesn't matter. we have a lot of similiarity besides Harry Potter. and some of us were in a same place.

After years to years, we always connected not only at Mig33 but also in Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk! And some of us (mostly in a same place) have met and have fun!

we share anything. Life, love, hobbies, experience, a little things. Anything. There's no space between us.

here some picture of me with them who stayed at Jakarta when I got my shocking trip there :

and this is the other d'Phoenix member :

and this video clip I made dedicated to them :

I'm so proud to have them. I can tell and share anything with them. One I proud about them, they never care from where you are and who you are. As long as you never make a trouble. They accepted me whoever I am. They are my trully friends.... :)

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