Monday, 4 April 2011

Mommy's Birthday!

2 April 2010 was my mother's birthday. She took me at my room and we all went to Selecta's Park. My sister and I were planed to tried flying fox but when we saw how high it was, we just walked in the middle of the flowers then. hahaha.
We got a little rainy day, but then the rain was stoped so we could having fun!! at Selecta, after walked in the flowers hill and took some pictures, we enjoyed our coffee and some snack and watched some boys swim. how funny they were. here some picture we took at Selecta :

in the night, my sister and I went to Batu Night Spectacular. We took some picture at "Lampion Garden" (there's a miniature of Eiffel) and we tried Bungee Jumping!!!! oh, Gosh, I don't wanna do that again! we screaming happily at the first but then we screaming fearly!!!

but actually that was so fun! and happy birthday, mom :*

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