Thursday, 8 December 2011

Angeliers Indonesia

anybody here know or even likes Primadonna Angela's books? I'm the one of her fans. When I was at senior high school, I found one of here book, "Resep Cinta" in my libraries school. Then I felt in love with her books. Last year I found her Twitter account (@cinnamoncherry) and we talked about anything! She likes cooking, writing (ofcourse), cats!, and some classic musical. Me too! It's almost a year we know and close each other although just from Twitter. She just has a fanbase Twitter account (@angeliers_id) who managed by one of her fans too, Mudita Nanda. Angeliers_id has three admin, Mudita Nanda, Ichy Fitri and Alinda Tania. Because Mudita and Alin would face their exam, they searched for the fourth admin's me! Yep, I'm the fourth Angeliers_id's admin!
I'm so happy about that and made some pictures about us, here they are :

chibi style

couture theme
what do you think? :3

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  1. oh ya ampuun...
    gambarnya bener-bener lucu semuanya..