Friday, 6 January 2012

admin of Angeliers Indo

remember my post about Angeliers Indo? I met them! Well, two of them. Alin stay in Palembang but Ichy and Mudita live in Jakarta. We met at FX mall because Ichy's office in front of it. While I waiting for them, I saw Dave Hendrik sat in front of Pan Ya! But he looked a little bit cranky and like waiting for someone so I didn't want to disturbed him, including took his picture =="

Anyway, we just talked a little bit because Ichy had to met her sister and I must go to Grand Indonesia to met the Plurkizen (Mudita cames with his family!) so we just took a little pictures. Here they are

with Ichy :D

with Mudita, the founding (grand)father of Angeliers Indo :p

each time we met together, real or at Twitter, we always bullying Mudita. Heuheuheu :pv

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  1. hahahaha..we always bullying Mudita everywhere :D but we still love him as a little brother :p

    see you next time aniiiiiiiiiiiinnnnddd.. we must go to NAV or Inul Vista to sing together!! \(^o^)/