Wednesday, 25 January 2012

"Love You at Your Worst" - a song by my friends

Hey, guys, I just listened to a song made by my friends, Fitria Ridzikita, Bhudie Jr, and Dwan. I suggest you to hear this song! Personally, still need some improvement here and there, but this master song is really easy listening! (stuck in my head definitely). This song actually made from Fitria's poem, To Love You at Your Worst. Then they decided to made it as a song, but they didn't know how to found the melody. Their friends (my friends too), Astrid, has a friend who worked as music producer and songwriter, Endy Daniyanto. They worked for this song for a few days and this song performed by Alit Sastradjingga.

You can hear and download the song here. Favorite lyric?
I'm not looking for someone like you, I am looking for you, You are not a dream come true, My reality is you

here they are : Bhudie, Fitria, Dwan and Endy


  1. What improvements are still needed, Miss?

    Thank you for listening!