Friday, 12 August 2016

The Joy as One of a Potterhead

I'm not gonna give a spoiler about this new book. I only want to share what I feel about being a Potterhead. I can say that I’m proud of myself for this collection. Remember the struggle. I was 11th years old back when Harry Potter started to be the trend and I remember that I didn’t have money to bought the book. And I just stared at my friends who talk excitedly about it. They played the roles of it and I become Hedwig, chosen by them. When finally I have money and a chance to bought and read the book, I felt like I touched my wand for the first time. And when I can complete this collection, I was like finished the Hogwarts battle. I remember my father bought me two of them, he knew that I love Harry Potter and I love reading a book. And I got my Harry Potter and The Cursed Child as a birthday present from my friend. I finished reading it just for a night. Because I’m so excited. And I don’t remember I ever read so fast like this, since the end of the Harry Potter series.
I’m overwhelming. The magical it brings to my life. The love, the friends I got, the joy of reading a book that interest me.
After all this time? Always...


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