Sunday, 29 January 2012


Seperti yang sudah sudah
Aromamu selalu menyebar di seluruh ruangan
Mendominasi indra penciuman
Menelusup ke setiap celah

Dan seperti yang telah lalu
Aku berusaha menyimpan aromamu
Bukan dengan hidungku, bukan juga bibirku
Tapi dengan setiap pori-pori di tubuhku

Sejatinya aku ingin berlama-lama denganmu
Namun situasi tak mendukung niatku
Cuaca juga memaksaku untuk berlalu
Dan seluruh indraku menjerit tak rela untuk itu

Aku tahu aku akan bertemu lagi denganmu
Tapi kapan itu yang tak tentu
Meninggalkan rindu yang terus memburu
Sampai goresan sosokmu yang kusimpan pun tak mampu memuaskanku

Hanya aromamu yang mampu menyembuhkan
Tapi udara itu tetap tak mampu kusimpan
Sekeras apapun aku bertahan
Tetap saja aromamu terlupakan

Blitar, 28 Januari 2012

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

"Love You at Your Worst" - a song by my friends

Hey, guys, I just listened to a song made by my friends, Fitria Ridzikita, Bhudie Jr, and Dwan. I suggest you to hear this song! Personally, still need some improvement here and there, but this master song is really easy listening! (stuck in my head definitely). This song actually made from Fitria's poem, To Love You at Your Worst. Then they decided to made it as a song, but they didn't know how to found the melody. Their friends (my friends too), Astrid, has a friend who worked as music producer and songwriter, Endy Daniyanto. They worked for this song for a few days and this song performed by Alit Sastradjingga.

You can hear and download the song here. Favorite lyric?
I'm not looking for someone like you, I am looking for you, You are not a dream come true, My reality is you

here they are : Bhudie, Fitria, Dwan and Endy

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bon Jovi and Happy Birthday to My Dad

14 Januari. Happy Birthday, papa. Love you always.
Talking about "always", it reminds me to a song by Bon Jovi, Always. This song is so memorial for me, that my dad introduced me for the first time when I was 3rd years old. My mom always said that I always humming this song when we went to a market.
My dad was a fan of a lot of band. He has a CD album of Pink Floyd, Scorpion, The Beatless, Bee Gees, Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, and many more. But the most I love is Bon Jovi. I don't know why, Bon Jovi's song has a different style and such a legend melody in my head. I'm not their biggest fan, but I like their song mostly than other band, especially band in their era.

One of their album I really love is Crossroad 

"Crossroad" album cover

Songs I love so bad, Always and It's My Life.

Bon Jovi famous not only by their song but also by the handsomeness *uhuk* of their vocalist : Jon Bon Jovi.

Jon Bon Jovi long time ago

Bon Jovi

However, Happy Birthday, dad. Hope you always bless by God and get the best from God. Love you.

your daughter,

Friday, 6 January 2012

Jakarta Flash Holiday

This is my second flash holiday at Jakarta. My first flash holiday was February 2011 because I was sick so I couldn't continued my study tour and I decided to stay at Jakarta while my friends went to Bandung and Jogjakarta.
I planned this holiday since in the middle of the year. Spent my new year at home for a years makes me want to enjoying a new, fresh situation of celebrating new year at another town. So I decided to have a party at Jakarta, following my aunt at her work place. I'm sure that her work place will held a great party, just like usually they did.
But that's not my mother if she can't made a dilema in me. She offered me two option : have a trip to Jakarta or stay at home with a bunch of money! Some of people I asked choose money, but I prefer have a trip. I planned a lot! Especially meet my friends, Plurkizen and d'Phoenix. So my mother gave me the ticket and my aunt reserved a ticket for me to go home. I can't have a long holiday, January 9 I should have my exam. I planned to go to Jakarta by the train at December 28, but then my lecture said my group should presentated our movie at December 29 morning!!! Fortunately my mother didn't bought me ticket yet. So at December 29 afternoon I went to Jakarta by plane.

December 29, 2011
Not going anywhere. Just take a rest after my journey.

December 30, 2011
Met my Plurkizen! I went to ITC Kuningan with Mimi first then we continued to Plaza Semanggi. Met Alif who came first because he works near Plaza Semanggi. Then had a dinner at Hoka-Hoka Bento, I really want to eat Sukiyaki at that time!! Astrid came. Then we sang at The Starz Karaoke. Aksa came late because he got the traffic jam in the way he came from his college. Aksa said that he was hungry but it was almost midnight. We decided to accompany him at Burger King, but he didn't ate there, Alif then =="
Astrid started to played her tarot card untill 23.00pm. Then I went to my aunt's office and my journey that day finished by a soundly slept :3
click for the pictures

December 31, 2011
Met with d'Phoenix! My favorite place : Gramedia Matraman. Agus came first because his brother's house is far from there. Sheila came then. I came thirdly and then Mimi came last. Agus said that he was hungry (two days with hungry boys!!) so we take a lunch at Es Teler 77. I bought two books. Then we talked at Seven Eleven near there, took a little pictures and went home.
At night, my brothers, my uncle and I went to my aunt work place, Sari Pan Pacific Hotel. I took a lot of pictures, candid some great style (it was so difficult!! I think about asked them but I didn't have a brave =="). However, the party was great. When the singer sang "Someone Like You" by Adele, I sang too. The singer saw me and gave me her mic!! Yeah, I'm singing!! Then came the sexy dancer (one of the dancer reminds me to my aunt who lives at Sragen =="). The one of the male dancer can't smile. :S
And then there was a DJ who played some songs. There was a magician, and they are twins! Lately I knew they were a finalist of Master Cilik, magician TV program at RCTI. They grow up and they were so cute <3
Party held up to 01.00am. My aunt changed her costume and we walked together to Bundaran HI. Me and my aunt stand for almost two hours waiting for the taxi. We arrived at home at 03.00am. Slept and woke up at 11.00am :p
click for the photos and the pictures

January 1, 2012
Happy New Year!!! My aunt and I shopping together at ITC Cempaka Mas, searched for my mother request : phone case, crocodile skin =="
Unfortunately we found nothing but owl necklace for me. Then we took a dinner at Pizza Hut. My aunt and I have a lot of similarity, including fashion and pizza. I ever wondering, can I go shopping just with my aunt without my sister and my brothers? And I got it at that day :3

January 2, 2012
Met with admin of Angeliers Indo!! Ichy asked us to met at FX mall because her office is in front of it. I went away with my aunt at 02.00pm. We deal to met at 04.00pm so I bought a coffee at Starbucks with my aunt first at Jakarta Theater Building.
Then I went to FX mall by busway, still came first. I saw Dave Hendrik sat alone in front of Pan Ya. Didn't want to disturb him, he looks like bored waiting for someone. I decided to bought a chocolate at Starbucks (again) to spent my time. Then Mudita came (with his family :p) and Ichy came last. We couldn't took a lot of pictures because Ichy must went to PIM to met her sister and I have an appointment with Plurkizens. Aksa said he wants to gave me Plurk pin. Then we met again with the same formation, but Alif changed by Budi, at McDonalds Sarinah, near my aunt workplace. Aksa (still) came last from his college. We spent the time with dinner, gossiping and Astrid's tarot up to 11.00pm. What a horrible! That day was my first day in my period, and the blood was through my clothes!! Aksa borrowed his jacket and accompany me to my aunt (thank's God, you let me surrounded by a kind and good people). My aunt said thank you to him and suddenly interest to him. She asked me anything about him, like where he studied, where he works, where he came from. Lately I knew my aunt likes him because he kiss my aunt's hand at that night. X)
click for the pictures of Angeliers admin.

January 3, 2012
Hunting my mother's request, phone case at Thamrin City and Tanah Abang with my aunt. Couldn't found it yet. Then my aunt went to her workplace and I continued hunting at Plaza Semanggi. Found it there.

January 4, 2012
Time to go back home! I decided to landed at Juanda Airport, Surabaya besides of Abdurahman Saleh Airport, Malang. I went to the airport at 08.00am, arrived at the airport at 09.00am, check in at 09.30am, boarding pass at 11.00 AND I SWEAR I DIDN'T HEARD ANNOUNCEMENT FOR SRIWIJAYA'S PASSENGERS!!!!! I sat down at the waiting room, then I saw the clock (11.44am) and felt something wrong. I asked the officer and they said THE PLANE WAS FLIGHT ALREADY!!! Fortunately my aunt still at the airport. I just can crying while my aunt asked the officers. My bag was flight already and my ticket was canceled. Then I called my mother and she said I must buy the ticket for tomorrow because the next flight in that day was only at 08.00pm and it was too late of night. I got the ticket for the first flight to Surabaya at 05.45. Then my aunt went to her workplace and I went back to my aunt home. But I stopped at Seven Eleven in front of TipTop. I'm the one who constructed by metropop novel. So whenever I want to find some inspiration or I feel gloomy, I buy a coffee. A foreigner man came and sit beside me. He wear a stick to helped him walked. He asked the Sevel employee to bought him two cans of beer. I asked him are he waiting for someone. He answered me and then we talked untill 06.00pm. His name is Charles, I called him Opa Charles. He is a pastor but so universal. We talked about a lot of things. One of my favorite topic is about speaking English. He said don't be afraid with grammar, just be brave to speak in English. Even though you wrong in speaking, the foreigner understand you and it doesn't matter for them. Then I asked for leaved because it was almost 07.00pm. Feel the emptiness. Can't sleep.

January 5, 2012
I went to the airport at 03.30am. My aunt have a early breakfast and I just can drank a cup of tea. The plane was really flight at 05.45am and I arrived at Juanda Airport at 07.15am. My uncle came to picked me up. We ate at A&W and he bought some Rotiboy. He accompany me to Malang and then he went home to Blitar. He said when I go home to Blitar next week, my mother will punish me :|

Well, that was my flash holiday at Jakarta. So wonderful although I missed the flight :|

meet d'Phoenix part 2

A week at Jakarta means : meet a lot of friends! After gathering with Plurkizens and admin of Angeliers Indo, I met my d'Phoenix group! Unfortunately, the member who could came is just : four :|
here's the pictures :
with Mimi and Sheila

Agus between the girls

Agus in his 'galau' pose :3

this formation is almost same with two years ago at PGC (no picture), but Dita changed by Sheila.

admin of Angeliers Indo

remember my post about Angeliers Indo? I met them! Well, two of them. Alin stay in Palembang but Ichy and Mudita live in Jakarta. We met at FX mall because Ichy's office in front of it. While I waiting for them, I saw Dave Hendrik sat in front of Pan Ya! But he looked a little bit cranky and like waiting for someone so I didn't want to disturbed him, including took his picture =="

Anyway, we just talked a little bit because Ichy had to met her sister and I must go to Grand Indonesia to met the Plurkizen (Mudita cames with his family!) so we just took a little pictures. Here they are

with Ichy :D

with Mudita, the founding (grand)father of Angeliers Indo :p

each time we met together, real or at Twitter, we always bullying Mudita. Heuheuheu :pv

meet The Plurkizen!!!

we are the world
we are Plurk creatures
we are the one who make a brighter day
for all the hoomans

What's the greatest thing of Plurking beside of laughing with the Plurkizen at Plurk? Meet them all!!!
Yes, I met some of the Plurkizen (the Plurkers, I called them like that from Plurk+citizen) at Jakarta last holiday. I knew Mimi from mig33, Harry Potter's room long time ago before Plurk exist. We are the member of d'Phoenix. Then she know some of Plurkizen from Jakarta and from her I know them all. I met Astrid, Alif, Aksa, and Budi. Actually there are many Plurkizen at Jakarta but they couldn't came because they have their own bussines. Not in the right time to meet me :(

However, although this is our first time to meet, we talked and laughed like we were the best friend since we were a kids. Astrid can play tarot so we have fun with her cards. XD
We met at Plaza Semanggi, dinner at Hoka-Hoka Bento, sang together at The Starz Karaoke, and Astrid played the tarot cards at Burger King. We went home midnight.

Last night we met, at McDonalds Sarinah, I got an accident. I was in my period, first day and when I stand to went home my dress was 'bloody'. Panic!! At last Aksa borrowed his jacket for me and accompany me to Sari Pan Pacific Hotel where I could met my aunt. Thank you, Aksa (cozy). My aunt so happy with him then she asked me a lot about Aksa (evilsmirk).

Oh, here's the pictures! :D

me, Mimi, and Astrid :D

between the boys out!! XD

Aksa, Astrid, me and Alif

Aksa, Astrid, me and Mimi (Aksa just arrived from his college)

with Mimi (she bought the fedora before we going to Plaza semanggi :p)

with Astrid, Tante Hijau :3
gonna miss you all!!!! :* :*

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Langit Merah Jakarta

Happy New Year 2012!!!! How was your party? Or did you have a great celebration? Celebration new year it doesn't mean you must have a party. You can spent it with your family just at home (I suggest this for those who don't have much time with their family).
This year I attended to Mexico New Year Party at Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Jakarta (my aunt works there). When I came, first thing I knew was 'why my camera is not too good to catch this all?' X(
However, I enjoyed the party although my aunt said that this year is not as great as usually.

my brothers

with the Sombrero Boy

my aunt as Matador Girl

I don't know who she is but I like her style :D

the dancers

the DJ!!!

With the Sombrero Man, The General Manager of Sari Pan Pacific Hotel

The Flamenco Girl, singer

with the magicians, Double D (they were the finalist of The Master Cilik at RCTI)

The Mask!!

with my aunt as a Matador Girl

with the Mexican Girls :D

this is my style at that night, Morrocan :3

just wear the basic make up

with the DJ, he's so funny XD

They were so romantic, the music still on but the people were back to their rooms. This couple still dancing at the lobby

after the party end, we stand for two hours waiting for the taxi =="