Thursday, 5 January 2012

Langit Merah Jakarta

Happy New Year 2012!!!! How was your party? Or did you have a great celebration? Celebration new year it doesn't mean you must have a party. You can spent it with your family just at home (I suggest this for those who don't have much time with their family).
This year I attended to Mexico New Year Party at Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Jakarta (my aunt works there). When I came, first thing I knew was 'why my camera is not too good to catch this all?' X(
However, I enjoyed the party although my aunt said that this year is not as great as usually.

my brothers

with the Sombrero Boy

my aunt as Matador Girl

I don't know who she is but I like her style :D

the dancers

the DJ!!!

With the Sombrero Man, The General Manager of Sari Pan Pacific Hotel

The Flamenco Girl, singer

with the magicians, Double D (they were the finalist of The Master Cilik at RCTI)

The Mask!!

with my aunt as a Matador Girl

with the Mexican Girls :D

this is my style at that night, Morrocan :3

just wear the basic make up

with the DJ, he's so funny XD

They were so romantic, the music still on but the people were back to their rooms. This couple still dancing at the lobby

after the party end, we stand for two hours waiting for the taxi =="

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