Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ghost of You

I keep repeating this song today. Just found it randomly. I read the lyric and felt that it almost same with what I feel right now. I like this part :

And I'll never be like I was
The day I met you
Too naive, yes I was
Boy that's why I let you win
Wear your memory like a stain
Can't erase or numb the pain
Here to stay with me forever

One of these days
I'll wake up from this bad dream I'm dreaming
One of these days
I'll pray that I'll be over, over, over you
One of these days
I'll realize that I'm so tired of feeling confused
But for now there's a reason that
You're still here in my heart
Gosh, I feel so gloomy just because of that chat. Maybe that's why I think that this song is really represent me.

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