Friday, 6 January 2012

meet The Plurkizen!!!

we are the world
we are Plurk creatures
we are the one who make a brighter day
for all the hoomans

What's the greatest thing of Plurking beside of laughing with the Plurkizen at Plurk? Meet them all!!!
Yes, I met some of the Plurkizen (the Plurkers, I called them like that from Plurk+citizen) at Jakarta last holiday. I knew Mimi from mig33, Harry Potter's room long time ago before Plurk exist. We are the member of d'Phoenix. Then she know some of Plurkizen from Jakarta and from her I know them all. I met Astrid, Alif, Aksa, and Budi. Actually there are many Plurkizen at Jakarta but they couldn't came because they have their own bussines. Not in the right time to meet me :(

However, although this is our first time to meet, we talked and laughed like we were the best friend since we were a kids. Astrid can play tarot so we have fun with her cards. XD
We met at Plaza Semanggi, dinner at Hoka-Hoka Bento, sang together at The Starz Karaoke, and Astrid played the tarot cards at Burger King. We went home midnight.

Last night we met, at McDonalds Sarinah, I got an accident. I was in my period, first day and when I stand to went home my dress was 'bloody'. Panic!! At last Aksa borrowed his jacket for me and accompany me to Sari Pan Pacific Hotel where I could met my aunt. Thank you, Aksa (cozy). My aunt so happy with him then she asked me a lot about Aksa (evilsmirk).

Oh, here's the pictures! :D

me, Mimi, and Astrid :D

between the boys out!! XD

Aksa, Astrid, me and Alif

Aksa, Astrid, me and Mimi (Aksa just arrived from his college)

with Mimi (she bought the fedora before we going to Plaza semanggi :p)

with Astrid, Tante Hijau :3
gonna miss you all!!!! :* :*

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