Friday, 3 February 2012


when you get upset, when you sad
you came to me, "I need" you said
and I put everything down from my hand
then I heard you from beginning to the end

that is happened not for once
you always tell me and then gone
and you smiling because you lost your pain
then you said that I'm your friend for main

but why don't you do that to me too?
listen to me just us two
welcoming me with your smile
and listen to my story for a while

you act like you don't interest
then you say you must take a rest
you leave me in the middle of my story
and let me feel not free

the next day you come again
say that you feel the pain
and I act like a fool
listen to your story full

oh my dear
would you like to stop it?
don't you know that I need you
exactly the same like you need me too

this is all about you
the person I choose from the few
and I'm pretty sure that you hide something from me
then I ask you, when will you let me out from this curiousity

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